Toys are not only good because they provide fun for children, but toys are also useful because they provide learning at the same time. Most toys are educational in some ways. When children play, they go into their world of imagination and pretend play. This provides some kind of value.

Since the pandemic happened, most schools are now closed until nobody knows when. The future is unforeseeable. This is why parents need to be creative when providing learning for their kids outside of school. The best way to do this is by incorporating educational toys and resources to your kids.

Here are the best educational toys and resources you can use for your child to enhance their learning skills.

Writing tablet

This is a toy in the form of a tablet that will teach your child how to write. There is a tracing activity that children need to trace that will provide them with an opportunity to mimic actual writing at a very early age. Numbers and letters are displayed on the toy too, and when your child presses the buttons, they will hear the proper pronunciation of each letter and its sound. Other toy tablets provide word examples also. 

Piggy bank toy

It’s a piggy bank that contains different coloured coins in different values. Toddlers can play with it to practice their motor skills while putting the coins inside the toy and removing the coins from the piggy bank. They’ll also learn to differentiate colours through grouping coins according to their colours. And when they grow up, they can still use the piggy bank to practice their math skills.

Building blocks

There are building blocks that come in different colours and shapes. Your kids can construct whatever they have in their mind. They can create trains, animals, towers, animals. The list goes on. Playing with blocks is so fun, and it helps them develop their fine-motor skills as well. It also promotes creativity and enhances their imagination.

Pretend to play cash register

Your child can pretend as a store owner and engage in an imaginative play. It can help them learn how to count money as well as simple calculations using the calculator provided on the toy. You can play with your child and naturally introduce math by starting to learn simple addition and subtraction. You can also teach your children how to manage their money when doing groceries or shopping while also having fun.

Musical instrument toys

Music is a universal language. It is important in any culture and music also helps people to express themselves more. Providing musical instrument toys to your children will promote creativity. Since children are naturally curious, playing with musical instruments, toys will learn to explore different sounds. Also, playing with musical instruments help children with their critical thinking and problem-solving skills since they will be encouraged to find rhythm and patterns, thus helping their brain to move fast.

Education toys and learning resources are essential in a child’s life.according to research. Learning in the form of play is an effective tool to develop a child’s brain. Educational toys help children develop important skills that are essential in everyday life, which they can use as they grow up.
Educational toys are designed to teach children identification, memorisation, coordination, etc. overall, providing your kids with educational toys and learning resources will increase your child’s literacy. Children who develop their skills by using these learning resources are likely to increase their IQ. Since education toys are fun and engaging, children will enjoy and learn at the same time.