Car rental tips when you are travelling with Kids

Family vacations are great. But when you are travelling with kids, it can get pretty hard. When you are planning for a vacation, one of the most important factors that often gets neglected is the rental car. 

Travelling by car is one of the best ways you can enjoy a family trip that suits everyone, especially little ones. But rental cars present a whole new different challenge when you are travelling with kids. 

So here are some important tips that you need to take into consideration when you hire a rental car for your family vacation.

Decide on what car to use

How many of you are travelling? How far are you going? You may think that a hatchback car would suffice for your family of four. But what if you will be travelling for weeks? It means you need a bigger car that can accommodate your luggage and other essentials. Supersize on your car, especially if you can afford it. Choose a car hire Sydney that offers plenty of top vehicles to choose from.

Car seat

It’s a must to use a child seat if you are travelling with kids. It will keep your child safe and comfortable. You can bring a car seat with you, or if you don’t want to, you can rent a car seat from the car rental company and add it to your booking. Choose the right car seat for your child’s size and age. You have to get the right type for your child as it’s the most key issues when travelling with little ones. The most common types of child seat are infant, child and booster. You can ask the car rental company to help you understand the process of adding a car seat in your booking.

Kids easily get bored. It would be helpful if you bring extra toys that will keep them entertained. Snacks will work too.

Book in advance

To avoid last-minute stress, book your car in advance. It’s also an excellent way to save money as most car rentals offer a much high price when you book on a later date. It also helps you secure the car seat as most car rental companies only have a limited number of car seats available.

Make sure your car is insured

Think about your family’s safety, especially your little ones when you are on a road trip. Some companies do not have car rental insurance. They rely on the customer’s personal car insurance or travel insurance to cover their customers. While getting insurance for your rental car service may be an added expense, but it’s totally worth it. You can’t predict the future, right? What if an unfortunate event happens and the car gets damaged? Whether it’s your fault or not, you are still liable for the damage since it happens while the car is under your care. So to have a piece of mind, getting insurance for your rental car is the best solution. It means you won’t have to pay excess charges for any damages.

How many will drive the car?

During long family road trips, it’s more convenient if you have someone you can take turns to in driving. Note that car rental companies are very particular when it comes to extra driver fees. You have to read the agreements carefully. Some companies will waive the fees if it’s your spouse who will be driving. Some also will only waive the fee for spouses if you are a regular customer. Some companies will not waive the price if you have availed in one of their discounts. So it would be best if you can find a company that will help you save money when it comes to extra driver fees.

Location of the car rental company

Unfortunately, all car rental locations are not created equally. Some are located a few steps away the moment you stepped out from the airport, while there are car rental locations that require you to take a train or a taxi before you get hold of the keys. When you are travelling with your kids, as much as possible, you want to limit the time riding on the bus or trains. Before you book your vehicle, you must know the exact location of the car rental company. Choose the one with the most convenient location. Even if they are a bit expensive, you can still save money and time compared to booking with someone that is very far away.

Know the rules

The rules of rental car companies vary in every state and country. It may be a little intimidating when you are in a different place, but you have to know every detail of your rental car agreement. Also, ask for the requirements you can get them ready in advance. Take some time to read the term and conditions. Know what is included in your deal and what is not. Going through this will guarantee that you have understood everything right.

When travelling, it’s always better o be on the safe side, especially if you are with your kids. The above tips will help you in making sure you’ll have a safe and comfortable family trip. 

Finally, before you drive away, make sure everyone is seated comfortably. Also, ensure that there are enough food and drink. And make that final toilet visit whether you need it or not. 

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